Pinto Bean Soup

Hearty, Filling, Delicious!

Beans and rice are typically associated with humble circumstances but once you taste this richly flavored soup, you’ll see what you’ve been missing!

This is one inexpensive rich tasting, filling meal… if you enjoy it with some hot tortillas.



The Sun, The Moon, Feathered Serpents… and the Dead.

The year, is 400 AD and you live in Teotihuacán. This ancient civilization in the Valley of México, 30 miles northeast of México City, was once one of the largest and most populous cities in the world.

Let’s Eat!

refried Beans


Zebra Kettle Corn


Word of the Week


Based in Italian, and with the same latin roots as the spanish word “cuarentena,” this word has an interesting history. It stems from “quaranta” meaning forty. In the middle ages, ships arriving at italian ports from areas known to have outbreaks of the black plague were required to keep passengers and crew on board in port for forty days. This was done to determine if anyone on board had the disease because the disease incubation period was often just under forty days.

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